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I have never had a massage before.  What should I expect?

You will be asked about any major medical problems (for example high blood pressure, replaced joints or other major surgeries, infectious diseases).

You will be asked what type of massage you would like.  For example,  general relaxation, specific areas such as the legs of runners.  You do not need to know the technical terms for the techniques, or the names of the muscles you want worked.

You will be asked to remove as much clothing as you are comfortable.  You will be covered with a full sheet.  Only the area being worked on will be uncovered.  The genitals always remain covered.  Cindy leaves the room when you dress and undress.

 Throughout the massage, you are encouraged to give Cindy feedback on the the amount of pressure, too much, not enough, and the timing of the session:  "Can you spend more time on my neck than my legs?"

Sometimes we figure it out as we work.  "This area needs deeper, more specific work.  Stay here, or move on?"


What types of massage do you perform?

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) - Neuromuscular techniques focus on a specific muscle or muscle compartment that is tight due to injury or misuse.  The area is worked with short, strokes and a few seconds of pressure intended to release the binding (often a trigger point).  Movement of the muscle (flexing, extending) may to required while the therapist works along the muscle.

Cindy received NMT certification from the International Academy of Neuromuscular Therapy in January of 2000.  See website  for further technical description.

Swedish Massage - Long strokes and kneading of the muscles and fascia.  This is slower paced and more relaxing. Tight areas often smooth out/ calm down without requiring deeper work just by using the Swedish stroke techniques.

Deep Tissue - The body’s muscles are in layers.  In some parts, even three layers deep.  Deep tissue techniques, very similar to neuromuscular techniques, access the deeper layers.  This doesn’t mean the therapist uses extremely hard pressure on the muscle, but warms up the tissue, asking permission of each layer to access the next layer.  The pressure is aggressive, but not painful.  I like to think we work up to “the edge” (almost pain), but not over the edge.

ASHIATSU ORIENTAL BAR THERAPY® - Featured in Spas world wide, this modality uses smooth, deep, and broad (verses specific) pressure applied by the therapist’s feet.  The therapist is standing on the table with the client lying on the table.  If two footed massage is not appropriate for the client, one footed techniques may be used.  The therapist may also sit on a tall stool to use two feet, but the therapist’s weight is not a factor.  The techniques have a deep, but broad, luxurious feel.  For more information, go to website .  Cindy has been certified, at the Masters‘ level since June of 2008.


Hot Rocks (also called Warm River Stones) -  Smooth, tumbled stones are heated to the range of 90℉ to 120℉ and placed on the client and/or used to stoke along the back, shoulders, legs, etc.  This relaxes the muscles, warms them up for deeper work, and just feels real good.  Hot rocks may be used in combination with any of the other modalities described above.





Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Please make an appointment using either of the methods below


How do I make an appointment?

The simplest way is to make it online.  Just select the booknow button below 

If you prefer to make a reservation via phone, please call 919-274-1991 with your preferred date, time and length of massage. I will contact you to confirm the appointment.


What if I must cancel my appointment?

Please phone at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel.  Full rate or forfeiture of a gift certificate will be charged for a “no show” appointment.  However, I know that life is not perfect, and rare exceptions can be made.

To cancel an appointment made online, click on the "booknow" button, and follow the screen to modify your appointment.  Cancelling an appointment via the email that gets sent as a reminder of the appointment will not work.  Or, just call me and leave a message.  





What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept: cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and debit cards.

Cards are accepted via "SquareUp" and is secured.  No credit card numbers are kept on any of my files; paper or electronic.



Do you file for insurance?

No.  I will write a receipt for your own use.


Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, we do. They make an excellent gift for friends or family. Please contact us for more information.