I have been practicing therapeutic massage in Raleigh since 1996.  I am excited and proud to announce that my business is now sharing office space with Carolina Pelvic Health Center, Inc. (Starting July 1, 2014). My prior office of 16 years was 3402 Hillsborough Street.

This is my second career.  My first career of 17 years was as a medical technologist in the clinical laboratory (B.S., Medical Technology, 1979, St. Louis University).

When I received my first massage in 1995, a 15 minute sports massage after a swim meet, I experienced how profound the effects of therapeutic massage could be.  As often happens in our lives, a number of events coincided, and I ended up living in Fort Collins, Colorado with some time on my hands, a wonderful husband with chronic back pain, and an excellent massage school just down the street.  After taking just one course, I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up - a massage therapist!  Massage is simple, and it simply works.

After basic massage training at Healing Arts Institute (Fort Collins, CO, 1995), and Carolina School of Massage Therapy (Carrboro, NC, 1996), I proceeded to be trained, and certified in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy from the International School of NMT, Judith Walker Delany, 1998(1). Next, I added in training in the basic Core Myofascial Release from the venerable George Kousaleos, Core Institute, 1999 (2). These two modalities, combined with the excellent deep tissue techniques I learned from Libby Outlaw (Durham, NC), are my favorite techniques to use.

 What I enjoy about massage therapy, besides making human beings feels better, is that there is always more to learn.

My approach to a session is to listen to what the client has to say about their body and goals when they come in, assess the tissue as I work, and use what techniques will best achieve the end result (or at least progress toward the end result).

I consider it a privilege that an individual would allow me to massage them.  I enjoy this work and hope to keep healthy enough to continue to keep working and learning for a long time to come.


(1)www.nmtceenter.com    (2)www.coreinstitute.com